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Let's get this marmaduke naked

Monday, December 6, 2004


I went to the party and got totally smashed. I also won an award, but yeah. It was really fun then I had to transfer all these trains at 12:30 am and that was scary. And I had to pee really badly.
I don't want to leave!!!!!
Also Boston College can suck a fuck, to quote the fab Donnie Darko. The FAQ for applying says "SAT subject tests must no later than the January administration". Then I got the application in the mail today and it says "Subject tests must be taken no later then the December administration" and that already past, and I took history instead of math b/c I wa slike oh I'll do math in January. Asswipes.

Friday, December 3, 2004


I'm at work, and I'm really bored. But this may be dorky, but theres a party tonight and I'm wicked nervious about going. It's being thrown by the ETC kayaking people, and some of my friends from Berkely might be there. Berkeley is over the bay bridge, so it's not like I can hop on a bus back home if it's bad.
I'm worried that I'll look funny in my swimsuit in the hot tub. I've lost weight to a disgusting level. I'm worried that everyone there will already have friends there. And I'm worried I'll just like, drift around since I don;t have a specific friend there and everyone knows everyone else better.
I also miss Dyl and want someone to hold me. Do you think it will work out when I get to college? There seems to be a pattern of noone having a relationship that lasts once they get to college. That also worries me b/c then I worry, uh oh am I wasting my time by being with him now since it will fail in 6 months?
Gahhh I need a crystal ball.

Current mood: aggravated